What is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program



A lot of us may be wondering what exactly the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, acronym CDPAP, is actually all about.  People, so deserving of the services, still are not as  aware if and how their lives are affected by the workings of the CDPAP.  If you are a self-directed consumer or have people working for you, you will be enabled to have a control over the personal assistants you choose to work with as an enabled service via the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.  What this means as for the persons you want to be personal assistants is that you can do the following with them. View 

 Research and recruit, Interview and hire, Manage and schedule and supervise and ultimately oversee and dismiss where necessary.  As a self directed consumer, the CDPAP will basically allow you to have a rather total control of the personnel you are going to deal with in your operations right from the inceptive stages to the point when you now will be having them doing their jobs to assure you that they are actually performing up to standards and satisfactory levels.

The other question that may be causing you to scratch hair is that of who qualifies for the program.  You may be amazed at the figures when you learn about those who technically qualify for the program more so considering the being that it is by nature a personal assistant.  There are some essentials in qualifications that a consumer needs to satisfy before you may be considered fit for the program and some of them are as mentioned below.  The number one need to fulfill is that you as the consumer should be able to make informed decisions or have a person to stand their place to make such informed decisions on their behalf.  The other factor you need to look into for eligibility is that of eligibility for Medicaid.  There is as well the need to have qualifications for Long Term Home Care, AIDS Home Care or Personal Care and or eligibility.  Those who are as well certified under the home health agency services as well are eligible for the application for personal assistants through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistants Program. See CDPAP application

We also ask ourselves always what are the points of difference that actually exist between the CDPAP and the Standard Home Care Services.  These two often seem to be a lot similar more so when you look at the services that the give when offering acre services to a loved one.  CDPAP is anyway different from the Standard Home Care Services in that with it a consumer has the absolute choice over the personnel who is going to offer you the care service. Visit
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